WSKEN PURSUE FOREVER X-cable 1m 2.4A mini 1 Metal Magnetic Cable Woven Style 8 Pin to USB 2.0 Data Sync Charging Cable

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  • 1. Used for devices with Apple 8pin USB interface for charging and data transfer synchronously and instantaneously.
    2. Light and suitable length, easy to carry and use.
    3. Fashion woven style and convenient magnetic adsorption function.
    4. We uses the high quality permanent magnet, adopts the last instant connection technology to improve capability. You can connect and charge rapidly.
    5. The maximum current transfer is 2400mAh, offer your phone, tablet, digital camera an unbelievable fast charging. With the 2.4A charging plug, charge your phone quickly.
    6. Aluminum protective shell, the product has high structural strength, durability, snti-corrosion of sweat and suitable to carry.
    7. With 24K gold-plating touch point, antioxidant and excellent electrical conductivity, ensure fast charging and data tarnsfer speed, durable and portable.

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