Cmzact CPS-2in1 2 in 1 Eagle Shape 360 Degrees Rotation Magnetic Phone Ring Stent Car Hook Mount, For iPhone, Galaxy, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, and other Smartphones(White)

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  • 1. Super strong yet light weight, easy to carry.
    2. Easy to hold and stand stably. Can be used as a stand for you to enjoy hands-free movies, typing, reading, gaming, web browsing etc.
    3. The ring can be revolved in either horizontal direction 360 degree or vertical direction 180 degree.
    4. With the ring, you can use your phone without having to grip it tightly and protect the phone from falling off your hand.
    5. Made of top-tier adhesive and eco-friendly material.
    6. Include hook mount for docking on car dashboards.
    7. Phone ring holder with car hook mount: For safe handsfree use of your phone, a car mount is included. A simple but perfect solution for GPS satellite navigation, streaming music to your car radio or making handsfree calls. It is very easy to use the car mount, just hook the phone ping grip to it to place your phone and unhook it to remove your phone.

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