DT-16 Wireless Two Ear Bluetooth Headset Supports Touch & Smart Magnetic Charging & Power On Automatic Pairing (Gold)

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  • Main Features
    1. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 10 meter barrier free connection
    2. CVC8.0 noise reduction, pure HIFI sound quality
    3. A new generation of intelligent magnetic suction charging mode, quick charging with easy release
    4. One key control, switch on and off, answer and other functions, easy to operate
    5. The standby time of the charging cabin is 100h, and the headset can be charged for about 3-4 times. It refuses to cut off the power supply, and the charging box provides additional service life
    6. Release the shape of cochlea for comfortable wearing
    7. Upgrade the intelligent control chip, the headset can be automatically started and paired when it is opened out of the charging compartment, and automatically shut down when put into the charging compartment, without manual switch
    8. Compatible with major APP, Bluetooth can be used

    1. Chip: JL6936
    2. Headset power: 45mah, charging time: 1 hour
    3. Listening time: 3-4 hours
    4. Electric quantity of charging bin: 300mAh
    5. Bluetooth version: V5.0 dual call
    6. Single ear standby time: 120 hours

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