G5S Stereo Binaural Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone with Charging Box, Support Calls & Battery Display (White)

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  • 1. Power display, real-time sensing of power.
    2. In-ear design, HD call.
    3. Adopt CVC8.0 and DSP dual noise reduction technology to make calls with higher list channels safer.
    4. The charging compartment has a built-in 3500mAh large-capacity battery, and the sensitive metal contacts can charge faster and last longer.
    5. Bluetooth version 5.0 is one step faster, compatible with various Bluetooth functions, pick up the headset to turn on and automatically connect to the Bluetooth device, the wireless transmission range is wider.
    6. Support protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP.

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