i10 touch-tws Bluetooth Headset 5.0 Stereo Tune Call Support Touch Bluetooth Headset(Black)

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  • 1. New Bluetooth technology 5.0
    IOS system automatically pops up the window, the headset connection is more stable, faster, lower latency
    2. Wide range of product compatibility
    Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0+EDR ultra-low power compatibility at the same time, PC, MAC, IOS, IPOD, Android easy to connect
    3. True copper ring laminating horn restores sound quality
    The moving coil is made of copper clad wire. The high frequency has a texture that is not glaring. The low frequency is not the sound detail.
    4. Wireless stereo sound, left and right channel separation
    No matter the game, the movie is immersive

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