J1 TWS Digital Display Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Earphones with LED Charging Box (Black)

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  • Features
    1. The charging box is fully charged to supply two earphones for more than 2-3 cycles of charging.
    2. The headset is fully charged and can support up to 2.5 hours of talk or music playback time.
    3. Can play any audio file of the paired Bluetooth master device
    4. Built-in microphone hands-free calling
    5. Waterproof, sweatproof

    Functional technical parameters:
    Earplug weight (each): 3.5g
    Charging box: 28 grams
    Channel: Stereo
    Frequency response: 20Hz-16kHz
    Signal to noise ratio: a?¥ 95dB
    Battery capacity: Headphones (each) 55mAh
    Charging box: 400mAh
    Charging box for 40 minutes
    Bluetooth version: 5.0
    Line range: 10m (free space)

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    Carton Size 38cm * 25cm * 28cm / 14.96inch * 9.84inch * 11.02inch
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