J1 Waterproof Creative Pumping 5.0 Bluetooth Mini TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone(Red)

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  • 1. With upgraded version 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the signal is more stable, the transmission efficiency is increased by 2 times, the call is clearer, the power consumption is lower, and the operating distance is up to 10 meters.
    2. Support for binaural calls, built-in noise reduction microphone with 6mm quality speaker unit, so that the voice of the other party is clearer.
    3. Equipped with high-quality microphone automatic noise reduction technology, effective external noise interference, clearer and more stable sound quality, enjoy high-quality calls and listen to songs.
    4. HI-FI stereo sound effect, high-pitched sound, mid-range vocal full, bass shock.
    5. The single-ear J1 with charging compartment can provide music playing for up to about 32 hours, talk time of about 20 hours, and standby time of up to about 250 hours. Fully charged single-ear J1 for 4 hours of music or 3 hours of conversation.
    6. Optical touch device, you can connect to your Android/iOS/Windows device with one touch.
    7. After the binaural headphones are out of the warehouse, they will automatically turn on, automatically connect and automatically pair with Bluetooth.
    8. Smart touch, get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of traditional buttons, easy to operate. Sigh for two seconds to summon Siri.
    9. IPX7 waterproof, can be worn while swimming and bathing, not afraid of sweat.
    10. Ergonomic design, light and convenient, three-point support for more comfortable wear.
    11. Mini + full wireless design, more convenient to move and carry.

    1. Sounding diaphragm: Duan aluminum liquid crystal polymer diaphragm.
    2. Sounding unit: 6mm custom Hi-Fi miniature full frequency unit.
    3. Acoustic structure: closed.
    4. Magnet type: NdFeB.
    5. Frequency response range: 50Hz-24KHz.
    6. Resistance: 32 Ohms.
    7. Sensitivity: 101dB SPL/1mW.
    8. Drive unit: 6mm.
    9. Maximum output performance: 30mW (IEC).
    10. Bluetooth version: 5.0.
    11. Voltage: 3.7V.
    12. Headphone battery capacity: 40mAh.
    13. Charge box battery capacity: 400mAh.
    14. Audio: AAC.Msbc SBS CVSD audio codec.
    15. Charging bin weight: 70g.
    16. Single earphone weight: 4g.
    17. Charging compartment interface: Mirco USB.

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