JOYROOM C-A02 Wise Series 3.4A Dual Ports Car Charger Quick Charger(Black)

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  • 1. The appearance is exquisite and mini, does not occupy space, and when insert into the car lighter is like invisible, design simple but functional.
    2. Dual port output, Can charge the mobile phone and the tablet at the same time.
    3. Aluminum alloy material, delicate hand feeling, heavy texture, strong metal feeling.
    4. Compatible with 12-24V car models, adapt to the big or small size of the car, SUV, off-road vehicles and other mainstream models.
    5. Strengthen the non-slip leaf??spring on both sides, insert the charger stable and dose not afraid of the jolt.
    6. Soft blue power indicator led light, can easy find the charger when it is dark.
    7. Six protection functions, support over current, over voltage, over power, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit protection, more safe to use.
    8. Specification:
    input: 12V~24V
    output: 5.0V/3.4A
    power: 17W
    Material: aluminum alloy + PC

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