LC-B30 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Single Ear Hook Headphone with Single In-Ear Earphone Cable, Support Handfree Call, for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Smartphones(Black)

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  • 1. CSR 4.0 Bluetooth connection, super stability. Rapid audio transmission speed,which can fit for talk, music, games and other high-definition stereo experience. Smart compatible Bluetooth devices: mobile phones, tablet,computer, TV, gamesand so on.
    2. Built-in 230mAh polymer battery, circuit energy-saving design, saving more than 30% power and more durable. Continued strong music time up to 20 hours, talking time to 22 hours, standby time to 20 days.Solve the charging problem at work or home.
    3. Small and elegant, using human engineering engineering design earbuds, suitable to wear for a long time, accessory with the ear hook and make it more solid and easy to wear.
    4. Using diameter 11mm copper ring speaker, impedance up to 32 ohm. Showing a clear, high-quality music effects. Standard accessory with a pair of headset cable, bring you stereo sound.
    5. Mic using noise reduction technology,makes others hear your voice clearly. Independent mic design, as if communicating face to face.

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