Original Xiaomi Air Wireless Smart Earphones with Magnetic Charging Box, Compatible with iOS & Android(White)

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  • 1. Farewell to wire bondage by using left-right split true wireless design
    2. Breaking the master-slave restriction of traditional wireless headphones, left/right headphones can be switched freely at any time. When two ears are talking, any headphones can be removed and automatically switched to one-sided mode to wear freely and unconstrainedly.
    3. Built-in infrared optical sensor, automatic induction wearing status, take off any headphone music automatic pause
    4. When wearing ears, touch two left earphones to wake up Xiao Ais classmates to serve you and support intelligent voice assistants of non-millet brands.
    5. After the first matching is successful, the charging box is opened and connected automatically with the equipment without any extra operation.
    6. Lightweight design, comfortable to wear
    7. Small size, easy to carry
    8. Turn on Bluetooth and quickly connect to your IOS or Android devices, support mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices.
    9. Charging time: 1 hour
    10. Working distance: 10m
    11. Packaging List: Charger, Headphone, Silicone Earplug, USB Type-C Charging Line, Instructions for Use

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