Original Xiaomi Youpin Roidmi 3S 3.4A Dual USB Ports Music Bluetooth Car Charger, Compatible with Android / IOS System

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  • 1. Dual USB charging interface, support mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital products
    2. Single port 2.4A output current, dual port 3.4A output current, high charge conversion efficiency
    3. Can wirelessly project the audio of the music APP onto the car FM stereo
    4. Metal shrapnel contact design, compatible with various car brands on the market
    5. Battery voltage detection, to escort your driving safety
    6. Multiple circuit protection, safer to use

    Product parameters:
    1. Input voltage: DC 12-24V
    2. Output voltage: DC 5V
    3. Product size: 26.5x26.5x61.3mm

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