PULUZ Mini Plastic Tripod + Universal Phone Clamp Bracket, For iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC, Google and other Smartphones

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  • Mini Tripod
    1. Tripod is made of high quality plastic material, durable to use.
    2. Come with standard 1/4 inch screw hole, fits for extension rod, other brands stabilizer and accessories.
    3. The tripod foot adopts anti-slip design,can effectively prevent it from sliding down.
    4. The tripod has great load bearing and stability, lightweight but can firmly hold your stabilizer.
    5. Size: 7.8x3x3cm(fold)

    1. Made of high quality sponge rubber protective and plastic body, durable and appropriate protection of mobile phone.
    2. Base and back each has a 1/4 inch screw holes,can connect to 1/4 inch screw of any device.
    3. Sponge and rubber mat protect mobile phone from scratch.
    4. This is a mobile phone accessory, apply to selfie stick, tripod mount, monopod and more.
    5. Clamp range: 5cm to 8.5cm, almost can clip all the mobile phones.
    6. Perfect for taking selfies and recording videos hands free.

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    Carton Size 47cm * 42cm * 40cm / 18.5inch * 16.54inch * 15.75inch
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