REMAX RCC230 Kezhi Series 2.4A Quick Charge Digital Display Car Charger with Colorful Atmosphere Light, Support Bluetooth Hands-free Calling & FM & U Disk / TF Card

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  • 1. Type-C single port output 2.4A (maximum), fast charging without waiting.
    2. Digital display screen, real-time voltage monitoring.
    3. Bluetooth hands-free calling, one-button operation, worry-free driving.
    4. Support U disk/TF card, plug and play.
    5. Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 6-fold circuit protection system.
    6. Lossless audio decoding, power-off memory playback function.
    7. Freely adjust the light of 7 colors. Short press the light button, you can switch the light color to play alone, long press the light button to automatically change the 7 colors of light to play in a loop, long press the light button, you can also turn off the 7 colorful lights.
    8. Input voltage: DC 12V-24V.
    9. Frequency modulation: FM 87.5MHz-108.0MHz.
    10. Support: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, etc.
    11. Product material: PC+ABS.

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