S530 Mini In-ear Sport Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth Earphone for Smart Phone, with Microphone(black)

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    • Wireless Type:bluetooth
    • Connectors:None
    • Waterproof:No
    • Communication:Wireless
    • Support Memory Card:No
    • Control Button:No
    • Is wireless:Yes
    • Support APP:Yes
    • Line Length:None
    • With Microphone:Yes
    • Volume Control:Yes
    1.Bluetooth 4.0 profiles hands free / headset.
    2.Clear Phone CallIntelligent noise reduction, refuse to change the voice, make the call more natural.
    3.Multi-point connections can be connected to two one with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.
    4.Large battery capacity
    5.Battery type 50mA rechargeable lithium battery. 4 hours talk time (music playback 3 hours, standby time 120 hours.
    6.Voice prompts,Intelligent voice prompts prompted the state of equipment / to cable.

    Type:S530 Stealth Headphones
    Bluetooth Function:V4.0
    Profiles:A2DP, headset, hands free
    Bluetooth Working Range:up to 10m
    Frequency Range:2.4GHz
    Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
    Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and other Android Phone
    Charging Voltage DC:3.7V
    Charging Time:About 2 hrs
    Talk Time:Up to 4 hrs
    Music Playing Time:Up to 3 hrs
    Standby Time:Up to 120 hrs
    Item Size:1.7x2.8x1.5cm
    Net Weight:5g

    Earphone x 1

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