TOTUDESIGN DCCL-06 Ling-chi Series DC 5V-3.4A USB to Micro USB + 8 Pin + USB-C / Type-C Interface Spring Cable Car Charger

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  • 1. Car charger + data cable + intelligent digital display three in one.
    2. Intelligent digital display monitors the car battery voltage in real time and keeps abreast of the car status.
    3. Spring wire, which can be pulled up to 1.2 meters, comes with Mirco USB + 8 Pin + Type-C 3 kinds of interface data lines, no need to worry about improper charging.
    4. Intelligent output 3.4A (maximum) current, fast charging.
    5. Built-in intelligent identification chip, multiple protections such as short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature, etc., safe and fast charging.
    6. Non-slip shrapnel on both sides, the integrated buckle is more stable, and the bumpy mountain road is constantly charging.
    7. Support all models with voltages from 12-24V.
    8. Compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as: mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth audio and so on.

    1. Material: PC fireproof material + stainless steel shrapnel + TPE.
    2. Input: DC 12-24V.
    3. Output: DC 5V-3.4A (maximum).

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