TOTUDESIGN EAUB-011 Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Earphone Supports Calls with Charging Box(Black)

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  • 1. There are no line obstacles that allow you to walk freely and run.
    2. Bluetooth technology provides faster pairing speed and stable connection.
    3. Built-in high-definition microphone, let you enjoy a clear call, effective distance of 10 meters.
    3. Dynamic speaker unit + metal composite diaphragm, intelligent noise reduction, high-fidelity sound quality, HIFI sound effects, restore the melody.
    4. Charging box battery capacity: 70mAh. The standby time is 140 hours and the call duration is 6 hours.
    5. You can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time, switch at any time, play mobile phones, and make calls without delay.
    6. Support iOS and some Android phones to check the battery status.
    7. IPX4 waterproof performance, easy to deal with a variety of sweating scenes such as running.
    8. Surface PC sprayed pearlescent metal paint, TPE soft wire.
    9. Silicone earplugs for a more comfortable ear.
    10. Net weight of the product: 14g.
    11. Sensitivity: 108db.

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