TRN V80 HiFi Bluetooth Earphone 0.75mm 2Pin Detachable Cable Earphone, without Mic (Red)

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  • 1. Hybrid Quad drivers hifi headphone, with 10mm and 6mm double dynamic driver, enhanced more bass in sound.
    2. The TRN V80 Headphone was built with removable 2 pin cable, easy for you to change other upgrade cable or bluetooth cable. Gold plated pin on this cable, offer more durable support and connection for the device.
    3. Headphone casing is made of liquid metal, the surface is multi-process, fine sandblasting, high-light drilling and cutting, simple and tough.
    4. Ergonomic design, fully fit the ear, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall, long-wearing is not painful.
    5. Parameters:
    Plug type: 3.5mm
    Frequency range: 7-40000Hz
    Pin type: 0.75mm
    Power: 1nW
    Sensitivity: 108db
    Impedance: 24 ohms
    Line length: 1.25m

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