Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker Mobile Phone Wall Bracket(Green B)

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  • Feature:
    1. A sturdy sticker secures your device to the film to prevent it from falling and damaging.
    2. It completely liberates your hands, so you can do whatever you want while watching the video.
    3. With magnetic design, the installation is quick and convenient. Can be applied to many surfaces such as walls, tiles, wallpaper, wood, glass, plastic, leather, etc.
    4. A variety of colors to choose from to personalize your device to suit your different everyday styles.
    5. Applicable to almost all tablets and mobile phones, such as iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note, Google Nexus, Microsoft.
    6. Size: 55.0x55.0x5.8mm
    7. Magnetic bracket only, does not include other accessory demos in the picture!
    8. Description: All installations need to be cleaned with wet wipes

    1. Attract the magnetic card: Remove the film and stick it in the middle of the back of the phone/tablet.
    2. Magnetic sticker: tear off the film (make sure to remove the transparent protective film from the surface)
    3. Use the product

    The package includes:
    1x flat magnetic sticker
    1x magnetic sheet (for tablet)
    1x magnetic sheet (for mobile phones)
    1x alcohol cotton (wet wipe and dry wipe)
    1x instruction manual
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    Carton Size 79cm * 52cm * 15cm / 31.1inch * 20.47inch * 5.91inch
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