WIWU M1 Bone Conduction Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Outdoor Headphone (Grey)

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  • 1. Bone conduction exercise headphones do not listen to music without ear, do not hurt the eardrum, while driving, riding, sports listening to music, you can also hear outside sounds to avoid accidents.
    2. Built-in DSP, bilateral stereo, high sound quality.
    3. With CVC noise reduction, it can accept audio from mobile phones, laptops and other Bluetooth devices. After pairing with PC Bluetooth DONGGLE, it can play various audios of the computer, and can also be used for voice chat to realize social software such as wireless QQ, WeChat, MSN, SKYPE.
    4. With a call function, you do not need to hold your phone, release your hands.
    5. Built-in 160mAhx2 lithium battery, charging method: power adapter output (DC 5V), Charging time: about 2 hours, standby time: about 10 days, continuous call duration: about 6 hours, continuous playback duration: about 9 hours (DJ about 4 hours).
    6. Use distance: 10m, support HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP

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