X2 Mini Invisible Bluetooth Wireless Separated Ears Headset with Charging Function Storage Box(Rose Gold)

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  • 1. Separation type radio binaural stereo, separation of left and right ear channels, HIFI sound effect.
    2. The left and right ears can be used separately (monophonic), and they can be used together (stereo).
    3. Ultra light super mini single ear only 3G wide 11mm long 20cm.
    4. Earphone IPX5 nanoscale waterproof, can bathing wireless headphones.
    5. Ultra large capacity 1600 Ma polymer charging box, can be washed 15 times for emergency charging by mobile phone.
    6. Support the operation and the next song to support the Siri voice assistant.
    7. Support a two connection, can connect two mobile phones at the same time, and can be used for two mobile phones.
    8. Bluetooth distance: an obstacle free straight line distance of 10-20 meters, an obstacle free 360 degrees and 5-10 meters at any angle.
    9. Support Chinese and English hints, default English can be switched. Support OEM custom language.
    10. This product has applied for appearance patent and utility model patent in China. Any conduct that is not authorized by the company to produce, transport, display and sell in China will be subjected to severe legal sanctions.

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