Z3X Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box, support HD Call & Mobile Phone Display Battery & Power Bank(Black)

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  • 1. Bluetooth 5.0, long-distance stability, uninterrupted transmission, clear call.
    2. The composite diaphragm unit, the bass cymbal, presents a clearer midrange and bass.
    3. CVC 8.0 call noise reduction, even in a noisy environment, the call can be clear.
    4. Smart one button, you can complete any operation with one touch.
    5. 3500mAh lithium battery, not only can charge the headset, but also charge the phone.
    6. Pick up the headset from the battery compartment to automatically connect to Bluetooth, and put it back to disconnect the Bluetooth.
    7. After connecting to Bluetooth, the headset power icon appears on the screen status of the phone, and you can control the Bluetooth battery information at any time.
    8. Deep waterproof and sweatproof, prevent rain and sweat from entering the headphones during exercise.
    9. Ergonomic design, fit the auricle, wear no pain for a long time, and the movement does not fall.

    1. The power indicator function of the headset should be based on the brand and model of the phone. Not every model can have power information.

    Product parameters:
    1. Bluetooth version: 5.0.
    2. Charge box battery capacity: 3500mAh.
    3. Cumulative music playing time: 90 hours.
    4. Total talk time: 135 hours.
    5. Total standby time: 630 hours.
    6. The number of times the battery case is charged to the earphone (at full power): 20 times.

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