ZEALOT H10 TWS Ture Wireless Stereo Double Earphones Dust-proof Sweat-proof Bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box, For Android, iOS Mobile Phones(Black+Green)

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  • 1. The left and right headsets will comfortably, naturally fit into your ears yet resist of rain, sweat and dust, and isolate noise from your surroundings to offer high quality sound without any distractions.
    2. You can use the earbud alone, that means you'll have two bluetooth headsets, one for home use, the another one for your daily workouts, driving or adventures on the go.
    3. Multi-functional button gets you fast and effortless to music and calls. Just a simple click to play, pause or enjoy clarity calls with its built-in echo-cancellation microphone.
    4. TWS technology allows audio to be forwarded between right channel and left channel wireless and played in sync on both. So that you can enjoy incredibly stereo and feel immersed on the scene.

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